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In the past couple of months Facebook has been undergoing many changes with their Advertising platform. Have you been affected by these changes?

Weather you have or haven’t there is an easy solution to this madness which will keep you in Facebook good graces as well as make you stand out as an authority in your market.

Below is a video that will guide you through the process of becoming a Facebook Ads expert.

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Thanking outside the box is what will make you stand out among the rest

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Lead Generation Using 100% FREE Methods

Business Lead Generation

Hey whats up guys Justin here,

I have currently been using an awesome and powerful methods to drive dozens of leads and sales to my business each and everyday. The methods used makes you look like a leader in your market and come across as a go to guy (or gal) so what I decided to do was create a video course for you guys to learn step by step these powerful methods.

The methods used, leverages Social Media. If you don’t currently use Social Media for your business then you are losing a lot of customers and someone else is snagging them all up.

I am offering this course for you guys for FREE as we speak, but because of the true power behind it I do plan on charging here in the very near future. If you would like to take advantage of this Course for FREE and RISK free then a link to the sign up form will be located below.

Social Media Lead Strategy

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I’ll see you in the course and looking forward to hearing about your new success.

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Positive Mental Attitude/ What Does It Take?

Positive Mental Attitude

So many people these days struggle just to find some sort of positive energy to help them get by day to day. While others just feed off the negativity and never really know what its like to have the feeling of freedom when you are happy.  Trying to find a That positive mental attitude seems like you are looking for the holy grail at times.

Never fret the key is to know that not everything is going to work the way you want it to, and when you know this it will save you so much distress. This is how to fix the attitude for you personal life, what about for your own business or places you work at? how can we go about making change in our jobs to be able to get that positive feed back from others?

Watch this video to see how you can change your attitude and stand out among the rest……..

Positive Mind Set

The right time to change your attitude and become the person you want to be, or the person you never thought you could be in NOW! Take action and become the one people want to be like and fallow, it’s time to gain that positive mental attitude.

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Short and Sweet Lets Stop High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure Diet

What we want to do is get on the right path when it comes to high blood pressure, and the number one key it the diet, what to eat and what not to eat, what will help reduce or what increases your blood pressure. Like I said in the title I want to keep this post short and sweet so I don’t boar everyone. But first I would like to start it off with a Video hope you all enjoy.


Ok now that we go that out of the way lets talk about some good diet plans, well to start off it is pretty basic and simple, unfortunately we need to eat healthy hahaha. Makes since right? time to put down the cheese burger and pick up an apple etc. etc. Short and sweet like I said, diet and exercises will guide your path, here are some place you may go to read more on

High Blood Pressure and Poor Blood Circulation

Hope you all enjoyed I promise the next post will be better,

Justin and Janet

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing


Automation helps businesses in all areas of their online operations, but social media is an area that you have to be careful with. The reason is simple – it’s social. It involves real people socializing and making personal connections online. If your business automates too much of its social media operations, your fans will know it and it will turn them off. However, there are certain tasks that can use technology to make your life easier.

Status Updates

You can automate some of your status updates. Status updates are simple messages that go out to all of your fans. But while many updates can be scheduled, don’t set it and forget it. When there’s something timely, like a new product you’re releasing or a news story you want share, bump your automated updates and save them for later.

Even if you’re automating your updates, don’t forget to check in regularly to read comments. You need to respond to comments and do so in a timely manner. Businesses that ignore comments lose fans.

Sharing Content across Platforms

There are social media automation programs that allow you to share content across platforms. One example is Twitterfeed, a program that lets you add your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn news feeds to your RSS feed. Whenever you add a new blog post to your site, it posts it on all of your social media profiles. Just make sure you’re not posting the same message twice in a row on the same site!

Automated Alerts

Automated alerts are an important part of all social media. On each social media site you can sign up for notifications whenever someone mentions you, connects to you, tags you, and so on. All social media sites allow you to sign up for these alerts through their system, but there are also specific tools like HyperAlerts that allow you to sign up for search terms and offer other features as well.

If This, Then That

There’s a handy tool designed especially for automating social media that’s similar to alerts and notifications but gives you a great deal of control. It’s called IFTTT – ‘If This Then That.’ This program connects your social media channels with profiles you create called recipes. Recipes are based on the simple concept expressed in the program’s name. You choose a ‘this’ – which is a trigger – and a ‘that’ – the action that the trigger causes. When the trigger is pulled, the action results. For example, your trigger is any mention of your name on Facebook. The action is an email notification sent to you.

Joining Groups

One of the most important things to do on social media is join groups and network. Finding groups can be a hassle, but there are automated programs that seek out groups for you such as Triberr. Triberr connects you to like-minded users and puts all of your content from all groups in one feed.

Dashboard Programs

Dashboard programs are web platforms that let you manage multiple social media accounts with one interface. You can simultaneously check your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts and handle all of their functions at one time. There are many dashboard programs available but one example that’s popular is Hootsuite.

Whenever you automate social media functions that are publicly viewable, put yourself in the shoes of your fans and check your profile to make sure it doesn’t look automated. Remember that the real personal component is the most important aspect of social media.


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6 Keys To Business Email Marketing

There are a lot of myths about online marketing. Now a few misconceptions may not matter all that much if they were harmless, but when it comes to your money, then it’s always better to be well-informed. Some of the worst, most damaging myths out there revolve around business to business email marketing. With that in mind, here are some things you should be aware of before running your next email campaign.

1. Know your customer. The more you know about your customer, the better. What are their problems? What are their current solutions? How can you help them? What do you know about their business? All of these questions need to be answered before you send a company an email message. First, you need to make sure they are a good customer for your offer. Second, it shows respect and they will appreciate that you know something about who they are.

2. Get to the point. Imagine you are meeting with your prospective customer at their place of business. You may start with a bit of small talk, but you wouldn’t linger on it. In other words, you can start your business to business email marketing with a friendly tone, but you also have to stick with a no-nonsense approach at the same time.

3. Remember who the message is for. Yes, you are sending out the email to generate profits for your own business, but the message it contains is for the person receiving it. In other words, you have to be very clear about how your offer benefits them.

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4. Ask for their business. One of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to business to business email marketing is not being bold enough in closing the deal. You don’t have the benefit of making your presentation in a face-to-face setting, so you need to be clear and direct in what you want the reader of your message to do.

5. Don’t use trickery to get them to open your email. Sure, you may get them to open your message, but you will have done so through dishonesty. That will kill the sale before you ever get a chance to present your offer. You also need to bear in mind that there is a fine line between being clever and being deceitful; make sure you don’t cross it.

6. Track results. When doing business to business email marketing you should keep track of and measure everything you can. When you sent out each message, to whom, what the subject line was, the body of the email, open rates, click-through rates, how many previous messages you have sent, and so on. You can use any and all of this data to refine your sales message and improve your results over time.

In today’s world, mastering the art and science of business to business email marketing is one of the most important keys to success. It’s relatively inexpensive, especially when compared to traditional forms of advertising, and it can give you a very robust return on your investment.

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How To Go Viral on Twitter


By: @Garin Kilpatrick

Virality on Twitter takes a combination of Science and Style.  Without the Science of spreading in action even the most stylistic tweet will go unnoticed.  Without any style even a well positioned tweet will fall flat.

But with a tactfully written tweets your posts stand the best chance of spreading like wildfire.

The following fifteen traits of viral tweets are a distillation of the most important elements of getting more retweets with an infusion of scientific retweet data.

The tactics in this article will explain to you how to go viral on Twitter so that the chances of your tweets spreading virally on Twitter will increase dramatically!


1. Viral Tweets are Shared by Influencers


The more influential you are on Twitter the more likely your tweets are to go viral.  Even if you are starting on Twitter today you can still get the power of influence working for you by making a connection with an influential person on Twitter.

As I explained in my recent article about the golden rules of Twitter, reciprocity can be a powerful way to grow your Twitter influence.  Retweet an influencer often, comment on their blog, connect with them on Facebook if you can, and help them out as much as possible before you ask them to share something for you.  The idea is to help them out so much that when you ask them for help they feel obligated to oblige.

If you can get even one influential Twitter user to retweet you the chances of your tweet going viral increase significantly.

Even if you can’t get one of these users retweeting you, there are many influencers on Twitter, and gaining the favor of a person with influence is often as simple as purchasing a product they offer and engaging with them on Twitter and their blog.  Do favors for a person with influence first, and then ask them to help you with a retweet, and they will be much more likely to help you out.

Where can you find influencers?  You can start with my influencers Twitter list and for a list of the most followed people on Twitter by city, check out Twopcharts.

2. Viral Tweets Usually Contain a Link

Tweets containing a link are retweeted more often than those tweets without.  I suspect that a reason for this is that many of the links that are tweeted direct to a page that contains a retweet button.rt-with-links

Many people are conditioned to click this button and retweet content when they see it, which is why I use the Digg Digg plugin on all of my WordPress blogs so that the tweet button is contantly in view as my readers are checking out my content.

You can also install the tweet button manually into pages.

3. Include a Call to Action

In email marketing one of the best subject lines for getting an email opened is simply: check this out.  I have found that this call to action works well for getting tweets retweeted as well.  I often write tweets like this: “Check this…whatever it is…out:”

A call to action can be indirect as well.  If you hint about the content that a link contains in a way that sparks curiosity people will be more inclined to click.

4. Write an Exceptional Headline

Man’s Head Explodes in a Barber’s Chair.  Got your attention?  That’s what a great headline is all about.

Headlines are alot like tweets.  Both are short and punchy.

If you want to sharpen your headline & tweet writing skills check out this post on how to write mind blowing headlines.

5. Breaking News

By breaking news you can get your tweet shared like crazy.  @jkrums posted a picture of a plane that landed in hudson bay and it has since been viewed over 600,000 times!  This has netted him hundreds if not thousands of followers and the clout that comes with having a truly viral picture.

Pictures retweet really well, so if you want to go viral on Twitter a good place to start is by working on your photography skills, and posting pics to TwitPic or other Twitter photo sharing tools on a regular basis!

6. Tweet Content with Twitter Sharing Widgets

This is a simple tip, but essential if you want your link to go viral.  If you are tweeting your own content make sure you install a tweet button first!

7. Perfect Timing

Twitter has peak traffic times, depending on the day of the week, and the time of the day.  For your tweet to have the best chance of going viral you should time it so that it can ride these waves of Twitter traffic to viral success.rt-by-hour

The busiest times on Twitter are Thursday and Friday afternoon.  The exact best time really depends on the time zone of the people in your afternoon, but mid-afternoon is typically best, from 2-5pm.

Tracking the click through rate of your tweets with a link shortener like or Hootsuite and with some calculated testing you’ll be able to tell when the best time is for you.

8. Provide Immense Value

Value goes viral.  The more valuable the content is that you are giving away, the greater the chance is that people will share and retweet it.

One way to deliver immense value is by creating a high quality product that you give away for free.  This could be a .pdf, a video, Mp3, or any other valuable content you can imagine!

An eCourse is one way that I personally like to use to deliver value to my network, and I have developed free Twitter, Facebook, and Fitness eCourses, which have been retweeted many times.

9. Use Retweetable Words

After analyzing 10,000 retweets Dan Zarella found the following words to be the most common:

1364 you
1138 twitter
701 please
598 retweet
397 post
389 blog
352 social
306 free
304 media
269 help
262 please retweet
262 great
237 social media
229 10
222 follow
187 how to
165 top
164 blog post
128 check out
118 new blog post

Think about how you can integrate these words into your tweets more often and you will be amazed at the difference they can make!

10. Incentivize Retweets

By offering an incentive for people to retweet you increase the liklihood that they will.  One way to do this is by offering a free report, or some other free content, by using the free service pay with a tweet.  Pay with a tweet enables you to deliver free content after a tweet is tweeted.

The most successful viral campaign I ever witnessed was when a company offered to donate a penny for every time the hashtag #beatcancer was tweeted.  This hashtag was tweeted tens of thousands of times, and became a trending topic and a viral success!

Leave room for RT + @YourUsername

Some people (myself included) still usually retweet in the classic style, by writing RT and then the persons Twitter username.

By leaving enough room for people to retweet in this style you maximize your chance of having the most people possible retweet you.

12. Social Proof

The power of social proof is show by how the more times a user sees a retweet the more likely they are to retweet it as well.


What this may indicate is that social proof (or imitation more specifically) plays a role in a user’s decision to ReTweet. The more users a Twitterer sees ReTweet something, the more likely they are themselves to ReTweet it.

Another factor in the decision to ReTweet that this data point may be highlighting is that when the act ReTweeting is called to a user’s attention, they may be more likely to ReTweet.

Depth Reproduction Rate
2 7.57%
3 11.47%
4 22.31%
5 48.44%

13. Say Please


Manners work.

I have tested using “Please RT” and it does get your tweet retweeted more often.

If you liked this post will you pleaseretweet it on Twitter?  I’d appreciate it! :)

Have any of your tweets gone viral on Twitter?

Let us know about your most viral tweet in the comments below!


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Without Social Media Your SEO Is Going Nowhere

Two years ago you could get your webpages ranked in the search engines if you followed a simple formula. You started with keyword research to find the right keywords, you then wrote content which the search engines loved, and finally you’d build some high-quality links to let Google and others know that people valued that content.

Today, the SEO game has drastically changed. Today, if you want your website to even show up in Google, you need to harness the power of social media.

Having A Website Is The First Step

Recently, I was speaking with a potential client about building a lead-generation website for her. She asked a fairly common question – if her website would rank in the search engines once it was built. What she was really asking was whether or not a website we built for her would help her get found online. Here is what I told her.

If you want people to be able to find you online, you must have a website that does a few things:

  1. Capture leads and/or sell products
  2. Allow you to publish content on a regular and continuous basis
  3. Speak to your ideal clients with its design as well as its copy
  4. Be fully integrated with social media
  5. Rank in the search engines

No matter what business you’re in, a website is the minimum you need when it comes to online marketing. Why? Because once someone finds out about you, whether it’s word of mouth, an online or print advertisement, television, radio, a flyer on their car, or whatever, their next step is to find out more about you. And where do they go? A search engine.

Put this to the test: log out of any Google products you’re in – Gmail, Google+, etc. – and then search on Google for your name. Does your website rank #1? What else do you see there?

Case In Point

We launched a new website for Rachel Kerr Schneider in May of 2012, just in time for her attending the Meet Us In Maui retreat with Jack Canfield. The site was composed of a handful of pages with no other content. On June 20, 2012, her homepage ranked number 1 for her name – a full month after the launch.

Over time, we’ve been able to rank her website for 47 keywords that are relevant to her target market and her business. What really did it was creating optimized content (blog posts) with a variety of content (text, audio, video) that was shared in social media.

Using Social Signals To Rank Faster

When it comes to SEO, we still perform keyword research, and use those keywords as we’ve done for years – in the title, description, and content of a post or page. However, to get that content ranked faster, we need social signals.

Social signals include tweets, Facebook likes, LinkedIn shares, Google +1′s and many others. Since June of 2012, Google has been tracking these social signals, and factoring them in when ranking web pages. If you use Google Analytics, which I highly suggest you do, you can find this information by going to Traffic Sources and clicking on the Social drop down.


From there, you’ll find a wealth of social media stats including one of my favorites – conversions.

Social signals are important because they tell Google that people like your content enough to share it. And what is Google trying to do? Get the best results in front of people for any given search. Tweets, shares, Facebook likes – these are all indicators of “relevant” and “good” content, a handful of many factors Google uses.

The Bottom Line

A few years ago SEO used to be simple, and to an extent it still is. However, with the rise of social media, all of the search engines now take social signals into account. This means that you must as well, if you want your potential customers to find your business online.

The bottom line is this – first you need a website that can capture leads and/or make sales, that speaks to your ideal clients and customers with its design and content, that allows you to publish content on a regular basis, and that ties in with social media and helps you rank in the search engines. From there, you need to publish optimized content (blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc.) on a continuous basis and get that content shared on social media networks.

Do all that, and people will be finding you online.


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