The Real Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Things Done

Productivity is the core element to achieving big goals in your affiliate business; it’s your ability to get things done, in a timely manner, without going off the rails and falling into burn out.


Affiliate marketers have inherent motivation within their field but getting down to the daily routine can be a real pain in the rear if there are underlying reasons why you can’t stay productive.


In this article, I want to share the main reasons why marketers trip and fail; knowing these will guide you from common pitfalls and align you to a promising future.


Here’s what you should know …

You’re stretching too thin


Affiliate marketing is exciting.


Your spark of creativity will be a constant within this industry especially when you know just how easy it is to launch a new venture with little more than a niche idea and a website; the problem, here, rises out of this ease of starting new projects.


Each new idea is exciting and will draw your attention away from your profitable activities – the one’s that pay you now compared to those you’ve speculated.


This distraction, no matter how fun and new it may seem, stretches you far too thin.


Having just a one or two main projects is very manageable but when you’ve extended to a dozen, than you run out of time to properly manage and grow each of them.


Take the time to assess the viability of the project instead of jumping on every new, exciting idea.


Discard projects that no longer hold your attention after a waiting period; focus on those that matter and those that have already shown potential.




You’re off to a bad start


Affiliates have the best intentions to turn their work into something profitable but it’s all too frequent to see new comer’s sucked into the same, saturated markets.


There is no correct choice in a niche but it will greatly matter based on your experience and passion for the topic. You’ll hit it off on the wrong foot if you’re forcefully entering a niche you either don’t truly understand or one which you lack interest.


It’s virtually impossible to get things done if you’re working on projects that feel hopeless.


Don’t waste any more time, and just drop the project. At the very least you will have learned a valuable lesson but more importantly, you’ll have freed up time to start fresh on a niche that fits you.


You can certainly try to stick with it but don’t complain if it feels like a job after a few short months.




You’re not setting deadlines


Working for other people is easy because you have to report to someone above your position.


Having a boss that drills you on meeting deadlines is a much-needed motivator for many individuals which they lose when they devote their full time toward affiliate marketing.


Being your own boss is an amazing thing since you can set your own schedule but the motivation to get things done has to come from within and there’s no better way than to set specific deadlines with rewards and consequences.


The deadline should factor elements such as the scope of the project, what your competitors are doing, trends in the industry, and your marketing schedule. Pair it all together and determine a time for when it must reach completion.


The moment you start knocking down your projects on a deadline is the moment when you really start the momentum of staying highly productive.




You’re not challenged, enough


School had you continually learning new topics, college tests your ability to cram, and a job presents a healthy dose of stress for achieving goals.


Every affiliate marketer should set goals that are extremely challenging and often outside the skillset they possess.


You won’t truly test your skills and learn something new if you’re only making marginal gains in your goals; setting the bar too low doesn’t present a challenge which forces you to improve your knowledge.


The biggest rewards will come from the biggest risks.


You should set goals wildly outside of your reach but can be achieved through logical actions and an aligned routine. It won’t all come together as you had planned but you will excel way beyond your expectations than if you went for the bare minimum (which so many seem to do).




You’re lacking a system


Successful businesses like McDonald’s use systems to deliver the same quality across any number of stores; every process is meticulously tweaked to improve timing without sacrificing the integrity of their product.


Your business isn’t McDonald’s but you can certainly learn a thing or two from them – mainly in the area of creating a routine and system for your work.


There are loads of activities you could do each day within your business but they may not be the most important; these become your greatest distractions.


Here’s what you do: track your time for a week and compile your actions into a spreadsheet which you can determine where your time is truly going. Examine which actions had the most profitable return on investment. Document the exact process for taking these profitable actions, and turn this routine into a system where you’re able to streamline and demolish your daily tasks as if it were automated.


A system may feel a little rigid and lacking that “gun ho” entrepreneurial attitude but they work.




Getting things done is completely dependent on your goals and business so don’t immediately judge your current state based on others that boast of their busyness. Identify what’s not working on your end, make the adjustments, and work within your limits – that’s the real way to get things done … not some imaginary bar that others are so ready to set.




What are your reasons for not getting things done and what tips could you provide to help others? Share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.

By: Murray Lun

The key is to stay on the right track and keep up the push. When you feel you want to give up, just keep up the push and your efferts will show.

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