Gain Loads Of Traffic Writing About Current Hot Topics

A great way to gain loads of traffic to your website or blog is to write about stuff that is currently big in the news. There will be loads of people searching around these popular topics, so there is an opportunity to gain some new visitors.

Finding hot topics
To find the latest news is pretty simple. If you visit the Yahoo search engine, it usually tells you the top 10 “hot topics”. You can click on them and it will do a search for you. Google Trends will also show you the latest big stories. I think the best way to find the big gets news stories is to search on the big news sites, such as the BBC and CNN. Look for a few days and see what stories are being repeatedly reported.

Will they be interested in your site?
Relevancy does have a key part to play here. If the story has totally nothing to do with your site, then although you may gain loads of visitors, they will probably not be interested in your site, and will click away to never return. However if your site is targeted at the general public, like a social network site, then this might not be a problem.

The trick it to try and link the latest news for something to do with your site. This can then help you attract the type of visitors that will be interested in your site and products. Also it will help you create a very unique article.

For example the biggest news at the current moment of writing is that of the murder investigation of Olympic and Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius. This is big news for a number of reasons. He is a huge icon for people with disabilities, and has accomplished some amazing achievements. Being able to compete with the top able bodied athletes is just a mind blowing achievement. Also the mystery of how and why he would shoot his girlfriend has aroused a lot of speculation and interest. It might sound a little dark, but it is human nature.

For legal reasons you do have to be a little careful about stating things as facts when they are not. The media reported that steroids were found, but this turned out not be true. So just call it how you see it. Simply state where you got this information from. Use phrases such as “The media have alleged that…” and “The Police have reported that…”. Because often these “facts” turn out not to be true in the end.

You may not want to risk writing about more sensitive news such as this. That’s fine as there will always be many other types of stories to write about. It might be the retirement of a big sporting figure. In India, which has one of the largest internet presences, it will be HUGE news when their iconing cricketer Sachin Tendulkar finally retires. Tendulkar has had the most amazing sporting career. He made his debut for India in 1989 at the age of just 16, and continues to play now at the age of 39. For his fans, that is a huge chunk of their lives watching him play. There will be a lot of emotion and interest when he does finally decide to retire, and the time is probably not far off. So if you find Indian visitors valuable to your site, then this could well be a piece worth writing about.

Be first
If you can be first with a particular piece of news, then even better. You have a great chance of other outlets linking to you as a source. Even your unique twist on big news story can attract other news outlets quoting and sourcing you. The bigger and more authoritative your site already is, the better the chance you have of them taking you seriously. People will also be very willing to share your story around social networks if it is a particularly juicy piece of information.

Be sensitive
Be careful not to be seen as someone who keeps jumping on the bandwagon for the latest news. Don’t use this tactic all the time. Also, be very careful when handling sensitive news. The better you link the news to your site, the better the relevancy of the visitors you will receive, and also the less it will be seen that you are simply trying to grab some of the limelight. When handled with some creative thought and sensitivity, this can be a great technique for gaining loads of new visitors to your website or blog.

Final thoughts
Today’s news is yesterdays chip wrapper (it’s an English saying as we used to wrap our chips (fries!) in old newspaper). So that hot topic will quickly become old news. This means that your article will be unlikely to continue to draw in the visitors for a long period. This tactic is more likely to give your site a blast of visitors, for a relatively short amount of time. Depending on the news, it might continue to drip some visitors for a long time. I’m sure a tribute on Muhammed Ali or Nelson Mandela would for example continue to attract some visitors for many years to come.

By: Jon Rhodes

This is great advice, everyone has a intrest which leads to being able to connect with them. I hope you all enjoy this read and are able to take a great deal away from it.

Have a blessed day

Justin and Janet


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