Easy way To Market for FREE

Hey guys, just wanted to share something I came today.

I was reading this marketer’s Blogpost who I’ve been following for sometime now and he recommended that I check out this Blogger’s post as he’s sharing a really cool method on how to make money online.

So I went to check it out and I read the post (Well tbh it read more like a sales page lol but you know what I mean) and the offer was good etc but what really grabbed me was how he was giving away this report.

He was making people share his post in 3 different ways to get access to his gift, and looking at his post… Seems to be really working.

I mean, if you look at his FB likes and Tweets they’ve gone through the roof… Well, compared to the rest of his posts anyway.

But you know what is really impressive – and proof this is actually working – is the marketer who Blogged about it on his Blog, actually didn’t write the Blogpost himself… It was actually one of the sharing methods to get access to this free gift!

So this guy got people actually blogging about his gift as well and it’s building backlinks to his Blog too!

I can really see this Blogpost going viral due to the method been used.

Check it out here: http://www.james-scholes.com/free-money-making-offer/

(And before you ask, the freebie pretty darn good too)

Just thought I’d share it anyway, and might give it a go myself.


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